Trellis by Elyana crafts exquisite wedding bands in Hong Kong designed to symbolise your everlasting love and commitment. Whether you’re going for classic elegance or contemporary flair, our curated collection offers a variety of styles to suit every taste.

Diamond Wedding Rings: A Timeless Symbol

For those seeking the brilliance of diamonds, Trellis by Elyana boasts a stunning selection of diamond wedding rings. From delicate bands adorned with single solitaires to intricate designs featuring pave settings, our diamond rings promise a touch of sparkle that reflects the enduring nature of your love.

We also understand the importance of ethical sourcing. Consider our stunning lab-grown diamond wedding rings, a conflict-free and environmentally friendly alternative you can find in Hong Kong that offers the same brilliance and fire as mined diamonds.

Wedding Rings in HK: A Celebration of Love

Beyond diamonds, Trellis by Elyana offers a diverse range of wedding bands in Hong Kong, crafted from precious metals like 18K gold and available in a variety of finishes. Explore our collection to find the perfect picks to symbolise your love story.

Become the timeless beauty everyone will remember

Bespoke Wedding Bands: Uniquely You

Custom-made jewellery is our speciality here at Trellis by Elyana! For a truly personalised touch, our experienced jewellers will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind wedding band that reflects your individual style and love story.

Perhaps you have a cherished family heirloom you'd like to incorporate or have a specific design in mind. Our bespoke service allows you to bring your vision to life, ensuring your wedding bands are truly special.

Frequently asked questions

Trellis by Elyana is your one-stop shop for everything you need to celebrate your love story in Hong Kong. Our stunning collection of engagement rings features dazzling diamond wedding rings and timeless designs. You can also complement your perfect ring with our exquisite selection of bridal jewellery, including sparkling tennis bracelets and other pieces.

Lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds. However, they are created in a controlled laboratory environment, making them a conflict-free and environmentally friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

Of course! At Trellis by Elyana, we specialise in custom-made jewellery, allowing you to create a truly unique design that reflects your style. You can choose from our curated collection of classic and modern designs or work with our experienced jewellers to create a truly bespoke piece. We can incorporate gemstones, unique engravings, or even family heirlooms into your design.