The most timeless and classic trends in engagement rings is the solitaire engagement ring. For decades, Solitaire Engagement Rings remain to be the classic choice for their elegant and sophisticated design. A solitaire setting features a single, stunning diamond set with a minimalist band, allowing the diamond to take center stage, showcasing its natural fire, sparkle and brilliance. 

Solitaire engagement rings are the desired because of their simplicity. The plain band with a sparkling solitaire allows the wearer to feel confident and comfortable.

Traditional Solitaire Engagement Rings worn with Eternity Bands

What is an Eternity Band?

Eternity Bands, also known as Wedding Bands, features a continuous, unbroken circles of diamonds that are set all the way around the ring. These rings symbolize eternal love and make them a popular choice for anniversaries, wedding and promise rings.

If you are confused on what wedding band to stack with your solitaire ring. Eternity bands are a common choice to compliment the solitaire engagement rings. Here are some of our favourites.


Emerald cut Eternity Band set in 18K White Gold

What Eternity Band should I wear with a Solitaire Engagement Ring? 

Our Trellis Signature Eternity Band is a delicate seamless circles of diamonds that encircle the finger in a mesmerizing display of brilliance. The Trellis design elevates this timeless motif to new heights of sophistication. The Trellis Signature Eternity Band is a perfect choice to stack with a solitaire engagement ring, or even as a fun fashion ring on any finger. 

Trellis Signature Eternity Band

A classic option is the 4-prong eternity band. The traditional and staple diamond band in every women’s jewellery box. The diamonds go all around the band, mimicking the band of the solitaire engagement ring.  

Lux four-prong Eternity Band

While the Round Brilliant remains to be the most common diamond shape for eternity bands, At Trellis by Elyana, we love to create a non-traditional engagement rings & wedding bands. Our favourite in our collection is our Oval cut Eternity band, which showcases a total of 3.28 carat of Lab Grown Diamonds set in 18K White Gold. The Oval cut diamond has an elongates shape compared to the Round Brilliant, creating a more flattering and simmering appearance on the finger. The Oval cut is known to beautifully celebrate the wearers individual style and taste. A unique yet timeless ring.



Oval cut Eternity Band

Another minimalistic option we would suggest is the Baguette shaped eternity band. The Baguette shaped eternity band stacked with an Engagement Ring, gives a glimmering twist and is a nice simple touch to create a ring stack.

However, the budget for an engagement ring and wedding band varies couple to couple. At Trellis by Elyana, we offer Lab Grown Diamonds which are the sustainable and affordable alternative to mine grown natural diamonds. An option we have for our clients is, to go for Semi-eternity bands. This gives the same effect of the eternity band stacked with a engagement ring, but the whole ring is not covered with a row of diamonds.

At Trellis, we recommend this product as well not because of the affordability but also because it is a comfortable piece to wear at all times and does not disrupt when doing manual tasks.

Semi Eternity Band

Important things to consider

Can you resize an Eternity band?

Unfortunately, Eternity Bands cannot be resized easily as they are fixed to the ring size. Each diamond is selected perfectly to fit inside a ring for the ring size.

However, if clients are afraid about the ring size changing, we advise to purchase a semi eternity band which can be adjustable in the future and is also a comfortable option. We would recommend Pear cut Semi eternity band, Classic 5 diamond Semi Eternity Band or the Round Brilliant semi eternity band. All of these rings are a great option, and also gives the same look as a classic eternity band but can be resized.

Solitaire Engagement Ring + Wedding Band = Eternal Love

Traditionally, solitaire earrings and eternity bands are known to carry a symbolic meaning. The solitaire ring represents the idea of the undivided connection and enduring love between two people. Adding on the eternity band symbolises never ending love and commitment, as the unbroken circle of affection.

The classic solitaire engagement ring with a single, breathtaking center stone is a timeless emblem of the start of a couple’s journey together. The simplicity of the solitaire draws focus, making it a cherished symbol between two people and the promise of a lifetime of love and devotion. Adding the eternity band, signifies the infinite and everlasting nature of a couple’s commitment. Whether worn as a wedding band or anniversary ring, the ring represents love that has endured and will continue without end. Wearing both rings together, makes a perfect complement to your love story.