Diamond jewellery is not just an accessory to glam up your look, but it is a statement of style. Diamond jewellery is usually a symbolism of love, luxury and timeless elegance. To ensure your beautiful piece of jewellery continues to sparkle and captivate, proper care and maintenance are essential. 

We have curated this guide to help you with the best practices and expert tips for keeping your diamond jewellery clean and shiny, so you can cherish it's brilliance for years to come.

Avoid active sports and gym  

We advise all our clients to remove all their jewellery pieces before any active sports or gym, to protect your jewellery from any kind of unnecessary damage. Physical activities can subject your jewellery to impact, scratches and deformation. Constant pressure can weaken the metal and lead to potential damage.

Be mindful of sleeping with jewellery 

Make it a habit to take off your jewellery before bed to keep it in optimal condition. While it may be tempting to keep your jewellery on while sleeping, its best to remove it as the constant pressure and movement during sleep can cause scratches, deformations, and discomfort.

Understanding different Metals

Platinum: a durable metal, which means it is prone to scratching. Platinum jewellery should be stored separately or inside our soft Trellis pouches.

It is also advised to get your platinum piece of jewellery regularly polished in order to restore its shine and remove surface scratches. 

Gold - different colours of gold have unique care requirements

Yellow Gold: relatively low maintenance & resists ternish

White Gold: may loose its shine and whiteness over time due to a rhodium plating wearing off

Rose Gold: More prone to tarnishing & avoid exposing to harsh chemicals and store is separately to prevent scratches

Regular cleaning is key

Over time, moisturiser, oils, sanitiser etc. can stick to the diamonds and gemstones. It is essential to establish a regular cleaning routine to maintain the sparkle of your diamond jewellery. 

Soak your jewellery pieced in a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water for about 15 minutes. Gently scrub the jewellery with a soft toothbrush, paying attention to the hard-to-reach areas. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with our Trellis white cloth. 

Storing carefully 

It is important to keep your diamond jewellery stored nicely to prevent any tarnish, build up of dirt and unnecessary scratches. Keep your jewellery in our Trellis pouches or beautiful Trellis jewellery boxes. Make sure you are not piling up all your jewellery in one storage compartment, just to avoid any diamonds or gemstones coming into contact and scratching one another. 

Avoid harsh chemicals 

Make it a practice to put your jewellery on last when getting ready. Chemicals found in perfume, lotions and hand sanitiser should not be exposed to diamond jewellery as it has an effect of damaging the product. 

Regular professional check-ups 

Regular check-ups with a jewellery can help catch any issues early on, such as a loose setting or the need for a thorough cleaning. Regular check ups will assure you your jewellery pieces will remain in top condition. 

Shopping at Trellis, we provide you with a little pouch, cleaning cloth and a box so ensure your beautiful diamond jewellery can be stored well. We also provide you with a Trellis Signature Care Card. This card has the 6 most important do's and don'ts, in caring for your beautiful diamond pieces. 

For any further enquires on how to keep your jewellery shining bright, contact us:

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Jewellery care

Tips to Ensure Lasting Sparkle and Beauty

Keep away from moisture

Remove when sleeping

Remove before entering water

Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing

Remove when active

Store in loose Trellis bag