Baguette shape Tennis Bracelet

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Description & Details 

Glistening baguette-shaped diamonds creating a unique and alluring twist on the classic tennis bracelet.

They are set using lab-grown diamonds set in 18K Gold. At Trellis we cater to our clients, assuring their dream piece comes to life. Our services specialize in custom diamond ring designs.  

Specification of shown image: 
  • Total 8.25 carat baguette cut diamonds
  • Color: EFG
  • Clarity VVS/VS
  • 18K Gold

* Price varies on custom order

*Customisation available  

Standard delivery time:  3-5 weeks 

Trellis by Elyana 

At Trellis by Elyana, we offer ethical and fine diamonds. We believe the diamonds we wear signify empowerment and confidence and should not cost our planet. We choose Desirable Diamonds with minimal environmental impacts.
Choose our lab-grown grown diamonds and timeless elegance your way.