Picking out a metal is an extremely important element when creating your bespoke jewelry. White gold and Silver are two of the most popular choices. Choosing between the two can be difficult due to several characteristics.

The key to picking out a metal type comes down to personal preference, budget, and the type of jewelry you want to wear. Both, Silver and White gold are beautiful choices, but which one is right for your Bridal Jewelry. 

What is White Gold made of?

White gold is essentially made from a mixture of pure gold with other white metals called alloys. The additional white metals are used to strengthen the metal making the durability harder and creating a bright white finish.  

What is Silver made of?

Sterling silver is made from a mixture of the natural precious metal, silver with copper. The copper element makes the metal stronger and creates a beautiful jewelry setting. Naturally, silver is rather soft, and its mixture with copper makes sterling silver a great option for anyone with sensitive skin. However, with sterling silver jewelry it is important to polish frequently, as the copper make it oxidize over time.

The difference between Sterling Silver and White Gold are the: durability, price, color, and composition.


White Gold 

White gold is made up of pure gold and a mix of other white metals. At Trellis, we use 18K White Gold, which is the highest composition of pure gold, at 75%.

Sterling Silver  

Silver is a softer metal which is mixed with copper for jewelry. Making it perfect for affordable jewelry.


White Gold 

18K White gold is more expensive due to the gold composition. However, it is an affordable alternative to higher priced metal like platinum. At Trellis, we offer high quality Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry set in 18K white gold, which offer great long-term value. We also offer bespoke jewelry and custom jewelry.

Sterling Silver  

Silver an affordable alternative due to their large supply. It provides a great value for those with a budget and does not impact the sparkle and brilliance of our desirable diamonds. 


White Gold 

18K White Gold is plated with rhodium, which is known to help protect your jewelry from scratches. This is a key when purchasing bespoke fine jewelry. Rhodium is a metal which protects your jewelry, for you to pass it down generations.

Maintaining 18K White Gold, just needs polishing once every couple of years (if taken can care well).

Sterling Silver  

Sterling silver is known to last for years, only with regular care and polishing. It is recommended to avoid excess humidity and moisture to prevent discolorations. Harsh chemicals, chlorine and even saltwater will tarnish the metal – avoiding is highly recommended.  


White Gold 

White gold stands out from most metals due to its vibrant, mirror like white color. At Trellis, we recommend 18K white gold for engagement rings and wedding rings. The rhodium plating added to the metal makes your desirable diamonds shine brighter. All out fine jewelry is set in 18K White gold.

Sterling Silver  

Silver is naturally shiny because of its composition. However, its color can also change depending on how well the jewelry piece is taken care of.

At Trellis by Elyana, we recommend going with 18K White Gold as it is a common choice for engagement rings and bridal jewelry sets. It is the perfect choice for everyday wear. Additionally, is it a good investment as gold maintains its value and even appreciates. Lastly, it does not require much routine maintainence.